Important Dates

Tuesday, 7 February Call For Proposals
TBA Opening of attendee registration
Monday, 1st May Last day for requesting bursaries
Sunday, 3rd June Last day for submitting a talk
Monday, 31 July First day of DebCamp
Tuesday, 1st August Second day of DebCamp
Wednesday, 2nd August Third day of DebCamp
Thursday, 3rd August Fourth day of DebCamp
Friday, 4 August Fifth day of DebCamp
Saturday, 5 August Open Day, Arrival day for DebConf, Set-up
Sunday, 6 August First day of DebConf: Opening Ceremony
Monday, 7 August Second day of DebConf
Tuesday, 8 August Third day of DebConf
Wednesday, 9 August Day trip
Thursday, 10 August Fifth day of DebConf: Conference dinner
Friday, 11 August Sixth day of DebConf
Saturday, 12 August Last day of DebConf: Closing ceremony, Teardown
Sunday, 13 August Departure day