Installing Debian

Speaker: Vagrant Cascadian

Track: No Track

Type: BoF (45 mins)


Room: Rex

Time: Aug 08 (Tue), 17:00

Duration: 0:50

I’d like to briefly share my experiences with enabling support for several ARM boards in Debian over the last years, and use this to highlight some of the issues encountered.

Debian-Installer has had support for various flavors of ARM systems for quite some time, and it’s arguably better now than ever… but it’s still a very rough road. Some of that is just because ARM is, well, difficult, with individual boards requiring specific configuration. But some of it is in the design of debian-installer…

I’d like a broad, open discussion to consider various methods of installing and configuring Debian systems:

  • Could we make installing from live images a default option? How could that simplify things, and what would we lose?

  • configuration management systems such as puppet, ansible, chef, propellor, etc. are widely used. How can this be integrated into an installer?

  • image-based creation tools (e.g. vmdebootstrap) are used to create ARM bootable images for many systems.

  • with virtualization and containers increasingly common, how does debian-installer fit in?