Debian in the modern pipeline

Speakers: Fredy P. Ernesto Guevara

Track: Systems administration, automation and orchestration

Type: Workshop (2 hours)


Room: Bo

Time: Aug 08 (Tue), 17:00

Duration: 1:45

DevOps, CI, IaC, TDD, TDI, Pipeline, Cloud everything and tons of new terms are growing in the software garden becasue there is a new way. But what happen if this new way is not in line with values like Free Software and Privacy? can we play this new game keeping our dear Debian in the equation?

We are doing a small setup for a EFF like organization in our country and we want to share with you how we are doing this “new way” with Open Source technologies like Proxmox, Packer, Vagrant, Gitlab, Docker and for sure, Preseed and Debian.

Learn how to build a trusted Debian KVM image with Paker, then run it with Vagrant, provisione Docker and see how we use Gitlab-CI build, test and deploy software and infrastructure after someone push the git repo. We merge form devel to staging to get it running in a KVM instance at Proxmox. finally we merge to master to get it in production.