Ask Anything about Debian / Tout savoir sur Debian

Speaker: Emmanuel Kasper

Track: Open Day

Type: BoF (45 mins)


Room: Rex

Time: Aug 05 (Sat), 12:00

Duration: 0:45

How old is Debian ? What are it’s goals ? How to help Debian ? Is Debian secure ? Why should I choose Debian over xxxx ? When is the next Debian release planned ? How come that xxx is not packaged in Debian ? How to create/share my own packages ? How do I report a bug ? How to become a Debian Developer ?

If you’re a Debian user, technical or non-technical this Ask Anything about Debian/Tout savoir sur Debian will give you the opportunity to directly ask Debian Developers about well, anything about your favourite GNU/Linux distribution.

We will try to answer each question in a 2 minutes time slots, and provide pointers to more complex questions.

Questions can be asked in French or English and will be answered by members of the Debian Project.