Passing the Torch: The Future of Free Software

Speaker: Deb Nicholson

Track: No Track

Type: Talk (45 mins)


Room: Buzz

Time: Aug 08 (Tue), 14:30

Duration: 0:45

The free software community has created a tremendously valuable resource and built an amazing community, now we just need to make sure that it lives on forever. Ideas that have lasting power thrive inside communities that take care of themselves and plan for growth. New members are valued and time is spent to bring them in and teach them the core values that underpin the work. Successful organizations also pay attention to the world around them. They either work to shape changes to their benefit or they adapt to the things they can’t affect or don’t want to affect.

Many communities have created long-lasting endeavors based on shared values and we can too. We have to be willing to arrange our work so that we are always looking to the future. Our tools and our tactics must match our desire to build a movement that will be around for decades – possibly even centuries – to come. By constantly and conscientiously passing the torch, we make sure that those who will come after us will be able to joyfully continue the work we’ve started.