Doing FLOSS License Compliance for "The Man"

Speaker: Branden Robinson

Track: Ad-hoc talks

Type: BoF (45 mins)


Room: Potato

Time: Aug 10 (Thu), 10:00

Duration: 0:50

I’ll share my insights on FLOSS license compliance based on my experiences at a certain Very Big Corporation of America that I worked at for about 9 years.

Topics I will try to cover include:

  • What the internal attitudes toward FLOSS license compliance are;
  • What sorts of tools are useful and desirable;
  • Noteworthy facts and semi-informed speculations about uptake and usage of GPLv3-licensed code, the Linux kernel, and containerization;
  • Advice on what FLOSS developers can do to make license compliance activities easier for well-intentioned engineers and companies; and
  • The role the Linux Foundation and commercial license-scanning and compliance-evaluation companies perform in industry.