Software Patents Around the World

Speaker: Deb Nicholson

Track: Ad-hoc talks

Type: Talk (45 mins)


Room: Potato

Time: Aug 10 (Thu), 11:00

Duration: 0:45

Citizens of earth, do we really want to police a global unified approach to “intellectual property?” How would a global agreement on what can be owned and what rights ownership should bestow affect coders and inventors? If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night wondering about the kind of world we are leaving the next generation of innovators… from an international policy perspective then this talk is for you.

Confusion and near constant change sounds like a nightmare for international companies or projects, but it just might be that this uncertainty is exactly what holds space for technologies that creatively serve emerging needs or niche populations. Patent maximalism and perfect global harmonization around patents and copyrights certainly has many (often vocal and prolific) proponents. Meanwhile, another conversation is happening around whether the needs of local markets and communal projects with fewer resources might not be better served by a much more multi-faceted approach.

This talk takes a look at what’s happening technologically in several different markets and what the current level of sympathy (or antipathy) is for globally mandated standards. So, join me for a patent-focused tour around the world and a few ideas about where the global conversation may be headed.