Laniakea - An approach at making building Debian derivatives easy

Speaker: Matthias Klumpp

Track: Packaging, policy and infrastructure

Type: Talk (20 mins)


Room: Rex

Time: Aug 07 (Mon), 12:30

Duration: 0:20

While founding the Tanglu Debian derivative, I did set up infrastructure to create and maintain a Debian archive (which includes Britney, Ben, Dak and friends) and maintain it for the derivative, which resulted in some custom code being written for Tanglu. Doing this turned out to be quite a big task for a small derivative which requires a lot of continuous human work. After I started working on PureOS for Purism1, I had the pleasure of doing the same thing again. Having learned the lesson in Tanglu, I developed a framework for setting up and maintaining infrastructure for a Debian derivative, called Laniakea. Laniakea uses tools already present and in use at Debian itself, but allows to centrally manage them and aggregate their information in one database. This allows to automate a lot more archive actions, saving human manpower, as well as showing new developers a nice coherent web interface for their packaging.

This talk will be about what Laniakea wants to be and what it can already do today for your derivative, and how it differs from other solutions like Fedmsg. I will also likely contain useful information in what (not) to do in case you are brave enough to attempt to set up your very own infrastructure based on the tools we use to build Debian.