An introduction to LXD system containers

Speaker: St├ęphane Graber

Track: Systems administration, automation and orchestration

Type: Talk (45 mins)


Room: Buzz

Time: Aug 08 (Tue), 11:00

Duration: 0:50

LXD is a modern container manager and REST API written by LXC upstream and built on top of the LXC library. Its goal is to offer the same features you would expect from a Virtual Machine hypervisor but using Linux Containers rather than VMs.

This makes it a very light and fast alternative to virtual machines and an ideal option when running Linux in both guest and host. Some of the main features include: - User friendly command line experience - Entirely built on top of a REST API (easy remote management) - Fine grained resource management for containers - Support for device passthrough (network, disk, unix char devices and unix block devices) - Helpers to ease GPU and USB passthrough - Network management API (create bridges, setup tunnels between hosts, …) - Storage management API (create storage pools for containers, use any of btrfs/lvm/zfs/directory backends) - Support for live migration (through CRIU)

The presentation will go over what LXD is in greater details, include a brief overview of its API and be followed by a demonstration of its various features.

LXD is available for Debian users through snapd with native packaging being worked on. A number of Debian images for LXD are built and published daily.