Debian for Remote Desktop Computing

Speaker: Mike Gabriel

Track: Ad-hoc talks

Type: BoF (45 mins)


Room: Woody

Time: Aug 10 (Thu), 15:30

Duration: 0:45

When saying remote desktop here, I rather mean Desktop (also Software) as a Service ideas rather than the related Microsoft product / functionality (RDP).

With recent technology shifts for local desktop environments towards Wayland et al., we optimize our graphical working environments based on hardware acceleration.

However, what about using GNU/Linux as a Remote Desktop OS? Desktop in the Cloud, Terminal Servers Farms, VDI solutions, etc. They surely have various advantages. But, do they have a future these days?

If we need hardware acceleration, can there be an open stack of tools to hook acceleration hardware into FLOSS based Remote Desktop sessions?

We have several technologies in Debian that facilitate remote desktop computing between Linux/Windows/Mac OS clients and Linux Desktop Environments: xRDP, X2Go, SPICE (may the list be incomplete).

Also there will be another Linux based RDP Server for providing access to Wayland sessions soon.

Furthermore, a colleague of mine and I are working on technology we named “Telekinesis”. Telekinesis is for merging client-side and server-side software parts on the desktop and make them appear as one application to the user. Current PoCs are a Web Browser (that can play video and stuff smoothly inside terminal server sessions) and a Media Player (support up to 8k videos being played in full screen insider terminal server sessions).