Vendor hardware certification BoF

Speaker: Thomas Goirand

Track: No Track

Type: BoF (45 mins)


Room: Potato

Time: Aug 11 (Fri), 10:00

Duration: 0:45

Many vendors proudly display logos of distributions for which they have certification. For example, Red Hat certifies that their operating system works on some Supermicro servers, and Supermicro displays a Red Hat logo on these servers pages showing that they do work with Red Hat X.

This type of certification is very important, because some of the most corporate companies mandate an HCL (hardware compatibility list) before selecting an operating system. This puts Debian completely out of the game, as Debian has so far failed to have a certification program, even though it was a clear request from some hardware makers.

In this BoF, we’ll try to see how to address this situation, and provide a way to certify hardware.