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Accepted Talks:

Continuous Key-Signing Party introduction

One of DebConf’s recurring activities is the Key Signing Party. It helps Debian strengthen and expand its web of trust. This session will:

• Explain how keysigning is done in a DebConf setting

• Validate the SHA256 hash of the KSP coordination document

• Explain how to participate to people who did not send their keys in time

DebConf 19 in your city!

DebConf is an itinerant conference. Every year, teams interested in hosting DebConf in their countries / cities present a first version of their bids, to get the attendance excited, to feel how much work is there for them to do, and… just for fun! The DebConf bid is not selected during this session, but it is an important and traditional element of our conference. Teams can bid for DebConf at their city for basically the remainder of the year, and the winning location is decided usually towards March.