Accepted Talks:

Little bioinformatician's pragmatic guide to internships in Debian

Outreachy is yet another internship for newbies. It closes gap between “uses” and “contributes” and gives certain categories of people a good motive to start making the world to be a better place. Every Outreachy intern requires personal approach to work with. Yet this “personal” doesn’t mean something too different from approach applied to any other program’s intern. We are going to tell how we learned about Outreachy and why we decided to choose Debian. Why internships matter. We are going to provide our personalized view to internship process and how to be motivated enough to finish it. And we will draw a precise portrait of a Perfect Internship Mentor :)

We also want to talk about why CI for Debian packages matters and how it helps us and our friends in everyday work and career and provide some examples. And how hard it is to stay (and why you should stay).

Writing tests can sometimes be boring and routine, and we are going to provide some approaches we used to semi-automate it. Yet it doesn’t mean it can be automated fully, because every package is unique and often only after you take a closer look you can build a good tests and find a bug no one else fixed yet.