Minh Le

Accepted Talks:

Am I really married with Debian?

When asking partners of Debian developers - as far as not both partners are DDs - many will answer with a more or less clear “yes” when being asked whether the partner is married with Debian. So my wife would surely do. Luckily this non-physical partner in many cases gives back nice gifts like a reliably working computer, interesting traveling destinations … and not to forget friends. As we all know lots of DD became parents over the years. We even had a grandfather - father pair (Robert and Kirk Hilliard) and thus a more generation family. (I’m working on it as well.) However, it turned out that you can even get children together with this non-physical partner. In my talk I’d like to simply chat about the way I’ve got a daughter because Debian exists. If you are curious how it is possible to find new family members in Debian, feel free to join a non-technical talk showing photos and telling a story about coincidences, chances Debian can give and how Debian can bridge between continents. I’d be more than lucky if my dear daughter Minh will be able to come to Montreal and have this talk together with me.