Accepted Talks: freeing (us from) the phone network

The phone network is one of society’s greatest inventions, a vast federated network connecting nearly all of the world’s inhabitants. But the tools we commonly use to interact with it are some of the most prone to interfering with our freedom and privacy. is a collection of free software projects that aims to replace these tools so we can continue use the features of the phone network (such as calls and text and picture messaging to any phone number) without the adverse side effects that plague most phones.

In this session, Denver will describe the existing voice, text, and picture messaging functionality of, as well as plans for creating new distributed physical networks to extend and eventually replace the centralized physical networks of the phone network that exist today. He will also discuss ways you can help build the remaining pieces of that will bring this vision to reality.

Free Software Licensing Q&A: AMA from Copyleft Licensing Experts

DebConf audiences are the more knowledgeable about Free Software licensing than any Open Source and Free Software conference in the world. So, why not have a BoF where we let you ask absolutely anything about copyleft, free software licensing, GPL compliance or just about anything related to such topics?

Come with your questions, comments, hypothetical scenarios, concerns, complex, intractable licensing situations, and we’ll do our best to field the questions.

While this session will be co-presented by a lawyer and a non-lawyer, but this is not legal advice, and we are not your lawyers.