Debian Developer (DD)

Accepted Talks:

Techniques for using git for Debian packaging

Techniques and tools for using git for Debian packaging continue to develop, though there remain many pain points. Since last year’s DebConf, dgit, in particular, has seen a lot of development. The new possibilities for using this tool have not yet been fully explored.

The starting point for this BoF will be a brief demo of some of elements of the pure dgit workflows that have only become possible in the past year: a merging workflow and a rebasing workflow (if git debrebase is not finished by DebConf, the design of this tool will be explained).

A possible follow-up discussion would be figuring out what Debian package maintainers consider the highest priority pain points for maintaining Debian package in git: Should we be focusing on a new source package format? Is it documentation that is lacking? Is it our conventions regarding the BTS and NMUs that are blocking progress? Etc.

Policy Team BoF

Going on with the Debian policy - maintainership status, incorporating changes and fixes etc