Antonio Terceiro

Accepted Talks:

ci/autopkgtest BoF

The idea for this session it to get together and as discuss all things autopkgtest/Debian CI and any related aspects. If you have ideas on how to test your package but don’t know exactly how to wire things up for running with autopkgtest, want to share your joy and/or your frustration with the tools or with the environments, or have tips or questions on writing autopkgtest tests, this is for you.

autopkgtest runs tests on binary packages. The tests are run on the package as installed on a testbed system (which may be found via a virtualisation or containment system). The tests are expected to be supplied in the corresponding Debian source package. See adt-run(1) and /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest. Depending on which virtualization server you want to use, you need to install additional packages (schroot, lxc, lxd, or qemu-system)

Debian CI ( runs autopkgtest against the entire Debian archive, Adding autopkgtest tests to your package will automatically make those tests run on Debian CI as soon as the package hits the archive.

Patterns for Testing Debian Packages

This talk is based in a paper I have published where I describe a pattern language (as in “design patterns”) for automated software testing in production-like environments (a.k.a autopkgtest/DEP8 for us Debian people). The patterns describe common problems and solutions for testing Debian packages, and should be useful for maintainers willing to add tests to their packages.

Full text of the paper (PDF)