Vicențiu-Marian Ciorbaru

Accepted Talks:

Meet MariaDB 10.3

MariaDB 10.3 has had its first release. 10.3 has a focus of extending existing supported SQL to support Oracle-style PL/SQL. This talk will go into what the MariaDB developers have planned for the upcoming stable version. Other features include community contributed such as user defined aggregate functions and audited tables using “AS OF” syntax.

We will also go into our current and future plans for MariaDB in Debian, given how MariaDB (10.1) now ships as the default MySQL variant in Debian 9. We hope to have a discussion with the audience regarding concerns of this change, as well as what other things the MariaDB Foundation could do to aid in this transition.

Growing MariaDB through community contributions

This talk will go into the list of features that MariaDB has received over the years from the community. We will talk about how the MariaDB team handles community contributions as well as what potential contributors can do to get their code accepted into the server.

This talk is aimed primarily at people interested in contributing to an open source project, but it will provide some useful insights for anyone looking to increase the interaction with the community for their own open source project.

Advanced Querying Features in MariaDB 10.2 - Common Table Expressions & Window Functions

MariaDB 10.2 has just been released as GA. This version of MariaDB has focused on providing advanced querying features as defined by the SQL standard. In this talk we will look at how these features can improve performance as well as make queries more readable especially for analytical use cases. We will focus on practical examples to highlight their usefulness.

This talk is mostly geared towards DBAs and Business Intelligence analysts, however Software Developers will probably also benefit from this knowledge when writing applications that need to interact with modern relational databases.