It's The End of the World... (in 21 Years) by Steve McIntyre
whalebuilder: building packages using Docker by Hubert Chathi
SPI BOF by Martin Michlmayr
Fun with .buildinfo by Steven Chamberlain
Techniques for using git for Debian packaging by Sean Whitton & David Bremner
Recent Advancements and Current Challenges in Debichem by Michael Banck
Early History of Debian by Bdale Garbee
Debian InstallFest by Raju Devidas, et al.
Seasons of Debian - Summer of Code and Winter of Outreachy by Pranav Jain & Urvika Gola
The algorithm of Salsa LA dance by Jonathan Bustillos
Debian meets OSTree and Flatpak, a case study: Endless OS by Cosimo Cecchi
Rebuilding package build dependencies by Eugene Zhukov
Next Generation Config Mgmt: The Language by James
Laniakea - An approach at making building Debian derivatives easy by Matthias Klumpp
Modernized packaging tutorial and practical challenge of DEP-5 by Osamu Aoki
Supporting Debian Edu / Skolelinux as a Product: Lessons Learned by Mike Gabriel
Live Demos by Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
Debbugs: 22 years of bugs by Don Armstrong
Debian Publicity BoF by Ana Guerrero López
LXC with Debian by Senthil Kumaran S
Lightning Talks by Nattie Mayer-Hutchings
[matrix] packaging BoF by Hubert Chathi
Debian Publicity Team: what's new since 2015? by Ana Guerrero López
Free and decentralized communications with (GNU) Ring by Alexandre Viau & Andreas Traczyk
Anti-harassment BoF: how do we work, how you can help, how can we improve together by Ana Guerrero López & Laura Arjona Reina