Javascript Team Maintenance by Paul Gevers
Policy Team BoF by Russ Allbery & Sean Whitton
Job Fair by Daniel Lange & Louis-Philippe Véronneau
Copyright Fair Use for Software APIs - In Light of Oracle v. Google by Jeffrey Kaufman
When Social Issues Do Not Matter In Technical Debates (and when they do) by Katheryn Sutter
Reproducible builds: Status update by Chris Lamb & Holger Levsen
Life After Debian by Joey Hess
Day Trip by Louis-Philippe Véronneau
Hello RingWorld by Nicolas Jäger
Group Photo by Aigars Mahinovs
Patterns for Testing Debian Packages by Antonio Terceiro
Delivering Software for Memory Driven Computing by Keith Packard
Scibian, a distro for industrial R&D and engineering by Mehdi Dogguy
Managing build infrastructure of a Debian derivative by Andrew Shadura
Advanced Querying Features in MariaDB 10.2 - Common Table Expressions & Window Functions by Vicențiu-Marian Ciorbaru
Growing MariaDB through community contributions by Vicențiu-Marian Ciorbaru
Little bioinformatician's pragmatic guide to internships in Debian by Tatiana Malygina & Nadiya Sitdykova
Free Software Licensing Q&A: AMA from Copyleft Licensing Experts by Denver Gingerich & Karen Sandler
Increasing Debian Popularity - an Analysis by David Steele
An introduction to LXD system containers by Stéphane Graber
Ask Anything about Debian / Tout savoir sur Debian by Emmanuel Kasper
GPG Key Signing #2 by Chris Boot
Let's Encrypt (Some Servers) by Harlan Lieberman-Berg
Debian web team BoF by Steve McIntyre
Software Heritage: a status update by Nicolas Dandrimont & Stefano Zacchiroli