Towards Easier Security Patch Porting by Luciano Bello
Meet the Technical Committee by Didier Raboud, et al.
Secure Boot BoF by Steve McIntyre
in-toto -- Securing supply chains as a whole by Lukas Puehringer
Rough times? TUF shines - A framework for secure software updates by Lukas Puehringer
Debian on Civil Infrastructure Systems by Yoshitake Kobayashi
If you love a package, let it go by David Bremner
Debian local groups by Moray Allan
Packaging for beginners by Alba Crespi
LTS and security team BoF by Guido Günther
Free software for the meals-on-wheels communities : Sous-chef contribution workshop by Emmanuel Milou
Passing the Torch: The Future of Free Software by Deb Nicholson
Am I really married with Debian? by Andreas Tille & Minh Le
Gnuk BoF by Niibe Yutaka
Researching Debian: The effects of gender on the lived experiences of developers and community members by Lesley Mitchell
FreedomBox, Libre Personal Server by James Valleroy
let's maintain as a team by Holger Levsen
Installing Debian by Vagrant Cascadian
Make use of Debian to fight with censorship -- alternative way other than tor by Roger Shimizu
Unicode: a quick overview by Lucas Bajolet
Scaling to multiple architectures by Holger Levsen
Cheese and Wine party by Nicolas Dandrimont
DebConf orga BOF by Daniel Lange
Understanding The Complexity of Copyleft Defense by Bradley M. Kuhn
Technological Battles of OSS Firms/Communities to Shape the Future of Broadcasting Industry - The Case of Savoir-faire Linux’s R&D Project on FFmpeg by Amir Taherizadeh